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Show Trolley Curtains 

Show Trolley curtains are made from thermal lined curtain fabric 

The Tabs are fitted with colour matching press studs for easy removal

A  pocket for grooming essentials is attached on one end 

Colours.. Gold - Blue - Bottle Green - Burgandy and Purple, Hot Pink

They are made to fit  

Standard OKS 2 Berth Trolley  90cm Length  x  62cm Depth x 77cm Height 

Standard OKS Single Berth Trolley 90cm Length x 62cm Depth x 77cm Height 

 Standard OKS 4 Berth Trolley 90cm length x 62cm Depth x 93cm Height 

Trolley covers made to fit all styles and size

Prices range from $40-$120

To Place orders: copy and paste your item and email Fran at :

All in one curtain with 4 zips for easy folding and storage

2 pockets for grooming items Plus 5 Clear vinyl pockets for leads, arm bands and number holder, colours and textures of fabrics are dependent on availability 

Measurements are required to ensure the correct fit for your trolley 

Please use the guide to measure