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Show Leads & Collars :  Fancy with a little bling or just plain 

Quality show leads at an affordable price. My show leads have been designed to suit the small breeds especially the toy breed dog.

The cord I use is 3mm or 4mm paracord which is a woven cord with a coloured outer sheath and a 7 strand centre core which makes it flexible but strong, durable and washable. For martingale and kindness leads, double satin. velvet ribbon, soft faux leather for the neck piece (width and length of neck piece your choice)

The neck loop has been made just a little larger than a standard lead to allow easy slip over the head without disrupting the head furnishings. The slide loop and locking bead is of high quality metal thus allowing easy slide and good stability The length of lead can be made to 115cm. The leads generally do not have a swivel but on request I will include one.

Lead Styles: Standard Show lead -  Martingale - Kindness - Choker - Slip - Clip

Size of neck and length  : At your request 

My beading is a mix of metal and acrylic which makes for a much lighter but still fancy show lead.   Designes can vary somewhat dependent on availability of bead colours and shapes.  

Cord Colours available.... Black - white - Purple - Red - Grey - Turquoise - Blue - Beige 

Metal Findings and trims.... gold or silver 

My pricing is aimed to keep your purchase price at a reasonable rate but still maintain a very high standard of quality

Australian Dollars  Leads from $8 -$30 

Postage from $1.20 

For more details or to place orders: copy and paste your item with details of size and type and email Fran at : 

Any combination .......your choice