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Yourjana Maltese & Show Dog Essentials

Leads - Bedding - Show Bows-& Lots Lots more

About Yourjana Maltese Dogs N Bows

I am a registered breeder of The Maltese Toy Dog and have been showing and breeding this beautiful dog since 1986. My Maltese have been bred from imported English Champions which are sound, true to type, pretty Maltese . 

My purpose for breeding is to maintain good, sound quality stock for my breeding program and continue to show this beautiful dog called the MALTESE TOY DOG

Yourjana Maltese is a sister kennel to Yandjana Kennels.

The breeding line that was introduced so many years ago by Yandjana Kennels with the importing of English Champion Ellwin Royal Jubilation and Dandy Lord of Ellwin and the careful selection of bitches from the Silvertail Kennels. This combination has proven to be a very strong sound line with the average lifespan of progeny being between 12 to 15 years. The record being almost 21 years of age. The strength of the gene pool has been very pronounced and many of their descendants still carry a strong resemblance in the line.

Yourjana Kennels foundation bitch Yandjana Elwin Kyrah, was a daughter from one of the first Yandjana Bitches who came from the Silvertail Kennels. In 1986 this pretty little bitch came into my family as a pet with no intentions of showing, BUT having been invited to a Maltese puppy picnic by a member of the local Maltese Club of South Australia,

Now having a little girl who became an Australian Champion we needed a mate for her so along came a beautiful boy named Yandjana Elwin Jaimus who also became an Australian Champion.

So now YOURJANA KENNELS is born. You can guess the rest of my story.

Yourjana Maltese over the years have introduced many products for the comfort, beauty and showing of many breeds and are pleased to offer Show Bows, Dog Bedding, Leads and lots more of dog show items, made to your order with many colours and sizes available

If you have an enquiry or would like more information about my Maltese or items for order please send an Email to Fran at : [email protected]au or check out my facebook page :

To Place orders: copy and paste your item and email Fran at : [email protected] or send a private message to me on Facebook

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